Titanium™ Protect–A–Boot™ – 6″ 2–Pack

SKU: PS-10541



Product Description

Protect-A-Boots solve the problem of burning and cracking plug boots and wires from header and engine heat.

Protect-A-Boots are made from a high temperature resistant basalt fiber material and treated with a proprietary coating, Protect-A-Boots provide spark plug boot and wire protection from extreme under hood heat and helps prevent burn-through, hardening and cracking of boots.

Our 6’’ Protect-A-Boots come with a reinforcement ring at the base for easy plug removal during maintenance. When working on boots with tight bends, try our ringless 8’’ Protect-A-Boot (only in silver or Titanium™) instead. For thicker boots, like MSD or Taylor’s, we recommend our Protect-A-Boot™ Sleeves; the 1.25’’ diameter will allow for a simple install.

  • Ultimate protection for spark plug boots & wires
  • Non-flammable & protects against chemicals & resists water
  • Universal fit for most straight or angled boot
  • Double-wall construction for added durability
  • Cool carbon fiber look
  • Boots measure 6″ L
  • 2 boots per pack
  • Reinforcement ring at the base for easy plug removal during maintenance

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