Large Oil Rug – 29″ x 48″

SKU: 10752



Product Description

The DEI Oil Rug is designed to catch, contain, and absorb oil spills under vehicles, motorcycles, around machinery, under leaking equipment, and other maintenance areas. DEI Oil Rugs can absorb hazardous and non-hazardous materials including oil, petroleum and glycols.
These absorbent rugs can be used to protect floors and work areas such as work benches Рanywhere there’s a potential for an oil or petroleum spill or leak, and make clean up easy.
DEI Oil Rugs are constructed with an absorbent felt face, hydrophobic material, and backed with a barrier layer to contain the fluids. DEI Oil Rug edges are sealed to keep contaminants in the rug and can absorb over 16 ounces of typical motor oil per square foot.

  • Keeps oil contained
  • Absorbs spills and drips
  • 29″ x 48″

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