Fire Tape™ – Self Vulcanizing Tape

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Product Description

Fire Tape is a multi use self-fusing tape that can be used to cover wires, seal temporary leaks, and much much more. Made of a non-adhesive silicone rubber, Fire Tape is waterproof, remains flexible, and does not leave a sticky residue after removal. Ideal for use with Fire Sleeve and other DEI line & hose protective sleeving products, this self-adhesive tape serves as an excellent insulating alternative to vinyl tapes and wraps. Other uses include wrapping wiring harnesses, cover and protect wire splices, and electrical wire terminations.

  • Corrosion & moisture resistant
  • Stretch & wrap application
  • 700 psi tensile strength
  • Permanent air/liquid tight seal
  • Withstands 500°F direct continuous heat
  • Self-bonding and self-curing
  • Does not harden – remains flexible
  • 1 inch wide x 36 feet

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