Category: Line Sleeving & Tubing

When it comes to line and hose protection, Design Engineering has you covered. We offer many styles of heat shield sleeves, like our Heat Sheath, Heat Shroud, and Gold and Vapor Block sleeves which reflect heat for any application. We also have a full line of insulating and abrasion protective sleeves and looms like our Easy loom, Fire Sleeve and Fire Wrap and EXO sleeves. We have everything needed to keep things cool and protected. For more information regarding our line and hose heat shield sleeves, we invite you to use our messenger feature; from there, a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Fire Sleeve™ – 1″ ID x 25′

SKU: 92474



Heat Shroud™ – 0.75″ x 36″

SKU: 10457